Top 7 Eco Fashion Shows

Having seen brands in various fashion weeks, we tremendously are in an awe to see how the world has knocked some sense to collaborate fashion with nature and actually conducting sustainable fashion shows. Eco-fashion shows are great destinations for designers, buyers and other ethical and green industry leaders. Not just that, but in itself they add a new dimension to the upcoming trend which are to be set fully.

Here, we take a look at some of the most interesting eco-fashion shows in the world. We hope it will be helpful to catch up on some sensible trends, seek knowledge on weaves or just get a few candies for your eyes.

1. Ethical Fashion Show (Berlin, Germany)

This eco-fashion show is held in Berlin every June. It focuses on sustainable casualwear and street-wear collections. The show also includes lectures, seminars and knowledge-sharing events. To exhibit at this show, at least 70% of the exhibitor collections should meet the specified sustainability criteria. There is greater preference for labels that are actively committed to ecological and social causes.

2. Brighton Fashion Week (Brighton, UK)

Produced by FAQPOP, a non-profit community interest company, the Brighton fashion show aims to promote innovative and high quality sustainable brands through their annual event. The organisers encourage new designers to use eco-friendly practices in their work, and offer them a platform to showcase their creativity. Apart from runway shows and clothing line demonstrations, the show also holds talks by industry experts, debates, and design competitions. The event is held in different venues throughout Brighton in October, so stay tuned to the Brighton Fashion Week website for the 2016 details!!

3. Eco-Fashion Week (Seattle, US)

The Eco-Fashion week is a bi-annual event that includes award-winning sustainable fashion shows as well as speaker seminars and industry panels. The show celebrates two primary concepts—sustainability and innovation, and intends to bring them together through beautiful environmentally friendly fashion.  EFW will be conducted in Seattle from November 1st to 4th, 2016. For their exhibition and participation guidelines, check out their Eco-Recipe section on their website.

wco fashion week

4. San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week (San Francisco, US)

The SFSFW aims to promote awareness of environmental consciousness and health through sustainable fashion. This year’s event will feature fashion shows, fashion presentations and industry panels. Fashion presentations allow participants to present brands or models during an allocated 15 minute slot, designers can present up to five looks each from their collections during the fashion show, and then participants from the fashion show and presentation receive priority in the industry panels. This green festival will be held this year from November 11th to 13th at Pier 35, San Francisco.

5. NZ EcoFashion Week (City tbd, New Zealand)

The event this year is open to existing designers and graduates who wish to showcase their sustainable fashion collections. Up to eight looks can be featured under the designer and retail collection packages, while a capsule collection may be booked for four looks. The event is conducted in a boutique format, and includes a maximum of ten designers. The date and venue are yet to be announced, but instructions and participation info are all on their website.

6. Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (Multiple cities, Netherlands)

This Fashion Week, to be held from October 16, 2016 in the Netherlands will be aiming to tell the inspiring stories of sustainable brands, who will be showcasing their collections to the world of fashion. Various events in the schedule include a spectacular fashion show, exhibitions, lectures and a range of competitions. The organisers are now inviting applications for participation, so if you’re interested take a look at their website.

7. ModeFabriek (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The next season of this amazing fashion trade event will be held in Amsterdam from January 22nd to 23rd, 2017. The vision of the show is forward fashion; a fashion scene that is happening but harmless. It will feature educational seminars and events like BRAND TALK—the stories behind participating brands, and WORK IT—informal discussion opportunities for fashion professionals. Visit their page for more details on the upcoming event.


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