Skirt Alert 2.0

High Schhol made me invest in short Skirts are love. Wrap arounds are my soulmates and y’all gotta know why!
Even if you don’t have an hourglass figure, wrap arounds won’t ditch you for sure. I’m again not sorry for pasting those 3 bindis, right on my under eye to make it more edgy and dramatic.
All you gotta do is pin up the two ends of your skirt at the back of your scruff. Reason I don’t prefer this hack with stoles and rather wrap arounds only is, that they give more volume. So, tail up the two ponies and cape it up!
The last one always being my favourite, is absolutely making up my social feed. So I settled this skirt on my right shoulder with a waist belt right on my under bust and allowed it loose on my shoulder then, to get the right drape. Getting a piece of leftover fabric of the exact same colour to cover the black, was a luck by chance. There’s this one sided half bun while the bindis go up on my brow this time and you guys must not ask me why…
Gosh, I’m obsessed with this choker while this wrap around is from Surajkund Mela.
Do let me know which kind of a skirt y’all want me to take up next for the phase 3.
Untill next time
Be alert about that skirt

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