Redefining Feminism and Fairytales with LABEL VIRTUOSO

Definitely seeing women working today and doing everything that a man could, we see women just trying to become men rather than their new self. Can we just realise we need not be men to prove our worth. 

I genuinely feel like a woman, act like a woman, talk like woman and blah blah. Definitely the roles and acts have evolved and we are rising beyond what the scenarios were like before, but it never stopped me from thinking of being a human first. Anyone differentiating in terms of gender absolutely makes me feel too small for that person, because its just like they absolutely cannot see anybody beyond what’s between their pants. 

It might be too harsh, but for me gender is just a nature’s innovation, and it’s okay for women to be both fragile and heart oriented but I don’t understand, what in the world taught y’all that men can’t be that as well. 

On this note, for women like me, who wouldn’t want to speak a lot about my gender but yet be who I am, for someone who is not all up for too bright color palettes currently but yet wants to stand out, Label Virtuoso is just a magic to just understand the basic of what we stand for. 
They are available at —

And hold on, that’s not all, I always genuinely have a calling for ethical brands and they do it so meticulously. Have a look for yourself!

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