So a lot of you might hate me on this, but a major confession, I HATE WINTERS. Like I could literally dive in the ball of fire, dancing, not even caring about the tan, while I sip in some hot coffee/tea. So, the coming days are gon be a lil miserable for me, but November would still be the good because its not that serious, you know. This one entirely suits to my current mood – PEEK-A-BOO.


Absolutely the initial winters, must not forget to carry your cover ups even if you wear a short dress, cause it might get chilly anytime. The best part about this month is you can show off your legs and still work on the boot trend via some socks maybe. 

You wouldn’t want to wear a dress fosho while the month ends and the leg show may still be on. This one just hints you on the upcoming coziness. I’m so glad to have tried variations in different socks with blush heels cause my mom literally believed I’ll dispose these in just one wear. This baby-like look would be the only reason I just might like winters!


Must not try this at home or maybe do. I cut this cause it had been so long I didn’t play that way. This look isn’t majorly a deal, but just loved how it turned out to be, all goth red and Halloween black and I just didn’t want to do away with the feel. Not just that, but it also justifying the mood of this post.

Hope you find your perfect look for this November.


Much Love


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