It’s in the vibe. I wouldn’t like to turn around things and talk round about. I meet a lot of people and I’m glad to be interacting with new people wherever I go, with the kind of industry I am in. And each human I interact with, there’s a certain energy added to my life, as if they become a part of me.

Humans are social beings by nature.

Not just social beings, but I genuinely think, whatever we do and however we act, all depends on the kind of people we are surrounded by, or to be more precise, the vibe. I mean you definitely wouldn’t like to wear a short dress in a slum area or maybe the first thing you sense in a restaurant you walk into, is the ambience.


Downshit honest, like I said, to me as an individual the vibe matters a lot. The energy, the vibe, the aura. Because in the end, that’s all, we all live for.


This is something very personal guys. Apart from all the business related stories, I always try to communicate with all the people who follow me religiously. As mentioned earlier, I’ll try to keep this as raw and real as possible.


Small things make a difference, but I’m not talking about a cup of coffee with pancakes or donuts.

Being your absolute self with anyone standing in front of you is viably impossible. Not because you’re not cool. But because we adapt ourselves with the kind of people we’re surrounded by. It’s so important to know and understand the kind of vibe you attract and the kind of vibe you get attracted to. More than that, one must be sensitive enough to feel and sense the same. I genuinely feel that we today are so engulfed in big activities that we have lost the sense to what’s standing obvious right in front of us.

I did something off late, which made a huge impact on my life. You need not be accompanied by a bunch of people who would hold you down, rather it’s better to walk alone and uplift yourself. Because people matter a lot, or the most, I happened to block and cut myself off from a set of people, I realized don’t match my vibe at all.


A very direct message right here. Everything you need, courage, strength and compassion, its within you and if you think one person can make your life mesmerizing some time, know that just one person can also have the balls to destroy the empire within you.

Choose wisely. Trust me, I did. Isn’t this outfit by Vibhuti Aggarwal not complimenting the entire vibe?
She does amazing Indian festive wear, but this one collection was!


Calling Good Vibes Only

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